Outdoor Team Building Activities: Body Water Relay



Body Water Relay is an intense, aggressive icebreaker sport that requires members to get bodily through the use of their physique components to move water with a sponge.

Participants would possibly a little bit moist from the actions however you might be positive you’ll have an brisk and breathless bunch of members after the exercise!


Team Size

More than 10 folks


Materials Required

  • 2 Pails & Sponges
  • 2 empty 1.5 litres plastic bottles
  • Envelope with strips of paper itemizing physique components


Time Required

About 10 – quarter-hour



  1. Participants are cut up into two teams.
  2. There must be two pails crammed with water and put on the beginning line.
  3. On the opposite finish, there must be two empty 1.5 litres plastic bottles.
  4. Then, group members will cut up into pairs and select a strip of paper from the facilitator the place every strip of paper may have a physique half acknowledged on it. (For instance – palm, elbow, shoulder, knee).
  5. The sponge will probably be positioned into the pail to soak up the water.
  6. When the time begins, a pair of members can use their fingers to position the sponge on the acknowledged physique half, after which begin transporting the sponge ONLY with the acknowledged physique half. (i.e elbow to elbow for a pair, shoulder to shoulder for an additional pair… and so forth)
  7. The pair should now try and squeeze all of the water within the sponge utilizing solely the acknowledged physique half into the plastic bottle. They usually are not allowed to maneuver or contact the plastic bottle.
  8. When the sponge is dried up, they may return to the pail to get water once more whereas their group mates have their flip at squeezing water into the bottle.
  9. This will go on till the water reaches a sure top within the bottle (as much as the facilitator), and the group who reaches that top first is the winner.


Debriefing Notes

  1. What technique did your workforce undertake with a purpose to obtain your goal sooner?
  2. Did you’re employed properly along with your companion? What are some methods you possibly can have improved that partnership?
  3. Allow the members to wash themselves up after the sport as they’ll seemingly spill water on themselves throughout the sport. Also anticipate the place to get a little bit messy, so it’s preferable that you just conduct this exercise open air.

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