Grumpy Old Men Quotes

Grumpy Old Men is a movie about two aged males who’ve despised one different for his or her complete lives and occur to reside subsequent door to one another.

When a pretty lady named Ariel, performed by Ann-Margret, strikes in throughout the road, the blokes determine to compete to see who can woo her first.

The movie options an all-star solid that features actors from the Nineteen Sixties in addition to youthful Nineteen Nineties icons comparable to Daryl Hannah and Kevin Pollack.

This drew newer generations to look at the movie, which, mixed with the Lemmon-Matthau comedy, helped to make it a success.

Grumpy previous males have a variety of knowledge to share, they usually’re not afraid to share it! Here are a few of the finest grumpy previous males quotes.

Grumpy Old Men Quotes

Grumpy Old Men Quotes

“You can wish in one hand and crap in the other, and see which one gets fill first.”

“I just met a girl named Maria, and suddenly I see she’s not the… bitch I thought she would be.”

“Mmmm… lesbians,yummy!”

John Gustafson: Nobody slept with anyone.
– Grandpa Gustafson: Speak for your self.”

“There are many fish In the sea but you’re the only one I’d want to stuff and mount over my fireplace.”

How about you come again to my place and I’ll present you my man-size cannelloni?”

And lastly, the child bear regarded and he stated, “Somebody’s sleeping in my bed, and the bastard’s still there!” But Goldylocks had a Remington semi-automatic, with a scope and a hair-trigger!

“Then one day you wake up and you realize that you’re not 81 anymore. And then you begin to count the minutes rather than the days. And you realize that pretty soon, you’ll be gone. And that all you have, see, is the experiences. That’s all there is, John, everything. The experiences… You mount that woman, son… or else, send her out to me, huh?” ― Grandpa Gustafson

“Drop that fish!” ― Grandpa Gustafson

“I usually drink my dinner.” ― Grandpa Gustafson

“Each year comes and goes, and I’m still here. Ha! And they keep dying. You know? Sometimes I wonder if God forgot about me.” ― Grandpa Gustafson

“What’s the matter, beautiful? You’re meaner than a dog shitting tacks.” ― Grandpa Gustafson

“How about you come back to my place and I’ll show you my man-size cannelloni?” ― Grandpa Gustafson

“You can wish in one hand and crap in the other, and see which one gets fill first.” ― Grandpa Gustafson


Grumpy Old Men quotes are an effective way to point out your family and friends that you just’re a witty, clever individual. They will also be used as a option to make somebody snicker after they’re having a nasty day. So the following time it is advisable to cheer somebody up, or simply wish to make them snicker, use one among these Grumpy Old Men quotes!

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