Draper Hills Summer Fellowship


Draper Hills Summer Fellowship

Draper Hills Summer Fellowship At Stanford University | Fully Funded

It is such a tremendous opportunity for worldwide applicants to spend 3 weeks in the USA. This fellowship would prove such precious exposure for the selected fellows.

Guest speakers from private institutions think tanks, government, and the judiciary provide insights on such issues. Summer Fellows are also coming to Silicon Valley technology companies such as Benetech, Google, and Twitter to find out how technology tools and social media platforms are being used to monitor democratic practices worldwide.

Draper Hills Summer Fellowship Detail:

Country: The United States of America

Category: Fellowship

Type: Fully Funded

Host University: Stanford University


These are the main sessions that would be held by Draper Hills Summer Fellowship.

Academic sessions:

It provides a framework and theory for understanding democratic development
A subdivision of academic sessions was introduced by the Freeman Spiegel Institute at Stanford
International education. Sessions will consist of lectures on political development, democratic change, meetings,
Economic development, public administration, administrative law, relation to law
Temporary justice, food security and global health policy.

Case study workshops:

Real-world stories and policy reforms are on the rise which is located in developing countries. For example, instead of serving “Best Practices” or “How to,  guidelines have been developed to attract participants to issues and their solutions. Criticize major decisions that have led to policy reforms. They are written from the point of view of decision-makers who designed or implement specific policies and they show how government officials think and act strategically. They show how do these leaders overcome technical barriers while taking precautions at the same time?

TED-style talks:

It allows coworkers to share their stories with the group so they can learn more about their work, discussions about personal lives and struggles for justice and the development of democracy would be held. This discussion takes place in the second week of the program, giving the collaborator the opportunity to have a personal conversation and a verbal relationship at the beginning of the program. Prior to the fellowship program, fellows are asked to begin preparing for TED-style discussions.

Guest lectures:

This includes prominent figures in the public service, technology industry and influential community communities who provide physical understanding to our participants and allow these organizations to form strategic relationships.

Site visits:

The session is available on major technology companies, such as Facebook, Google and Twitter, allowing participants to get an inside perspective in Silicon Valley’s leading technology giants and intervene in democratic change.

Benefits Draper Hills Summer Fellowship: 

There would be many expenses that would be covered by Stanford University. Students are also asked to participate in the expenses however all the major expenses would be burden off by the student’s shoulders. The detail of all the expenses is given below:

  1. Round trip airfare
  2. Accommodations
  3. Meals
  4. Transportation costs
  5. Additional travel fund

    Eligibility Criteria:

    1. Applicants belonging from all over the world are eligible to apply
    2. This program is mainly for mid-career practitioners who are working actively in the fields of development, democracy,
    3. and the rule of law.
    4. Applicants can be working as social entrepreneurs, academics, policy-makers, legal
    5. professionals, business entrepreneurs, and leaders of civil society organizations
    6. (such as representatives of trade business, NGOs, unions, the media and
    7. professional associations).
    8. Applicants should also play important role in their own country’s social, political, economic development.
    9. Applicants must demonstrate personal, professionalism, and accomplishments in the field of democracy, development and the rule of law.
    10. Knowledge of English is an important prerequisite for participating in the program. It is hoped that every Englishman will take full advantage of this program and participation
    11. Applicants should have extra ordinary motivation.

      Selection Criteria:

      1. This fellowship program is meant for practitioners only. They value practical experience over academic credentials, and they also admit that scholars only to the extent that they are active in public policy, civil society, government, economic development and rule of law. They should also hold significant leadership roles in their respective sector.
      2. Applicants should also have 10 to 12 years of experience for the fellowship program. Preferences would be given to those who have more experience
      3.  Applicants belonging to countries such as: the Japan, Canada, U.S., Australia, and member states of the European Union.
      4. Applicants must be at least 28 years of age at the start of the fellowship in July 2020. The average age of Draper fellows at the time of the program is 38 to 42.
      5. Applicants should not be in the midst of a full-time university degree
      6. All the program and session would be held in English. English language proficiency is very important.

        Required Documents For Applying:

        1. Applicant Information
        2. Academics & Career Information
        3. Resume/CV
        4. Essay Questions
        5. English Language Proficiency
        6. Video Submission
        7. Financial Information
        8. Letters of Recommendation
        9. Personal Certification


        The last date to apply for the Draper Hills Summer Fellowship is 21 January 2021 


        Most of the answers to your questions are already given at Frequently Asked Questions HERE

        How To Apply For  Draper Hills Summer Fellowship:

        All the application procedure is online. But read the instructions carefully HERE before applying.Open the online application form (link is given below). Fill out the form carefully and then submit the form.

        Contact Information:

        If you have any queries then you can contact at [email protected]

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