How To Notarize Documents For CSC Scholarship


How To Notarize Documents For CSC Scholarship 

As we know, the Chinese Government Scholarship 2021 is open now in 273+ Chinese universities. There is about 25,000+ Scholarship in China for International students available for 2021. This Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS) is open for Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. Studies. If you want to apply to Chinese Universities under China Government Scholarship, you must need to notarize your all academic documents to apply from the notary public.

What Is Document Notarization?

A notarized document is a way for any University to make sure that you are applying for admission with original and verified documents. Notarize means, that you have to verify all the academic documents from notary public office, to make sure that you have original documents.

When you apply for admission to any university in the world, most of the Universities normally not return your application documents, So, the students cannot send the original documents to the university. Every university required the notarized documents should be sent to University, as it considers them, that are genuine.

Do you need to notarize your application documents for CSC scholarship?

The difficult thing for students is the Chinese Government Scholarship Process to apply in China. We have shared the Most of the students face the problem of document notarization in their area. International students, are struggling every year about document notarization, how to notarize documents? where to notarize?  and why to notarize?. If students have questions in mind? is it necessary to notarize documents for study in china?.

Yes, if you want to apply for any 2021 Chinese Government Scholarship, you need to notarize all your academic documents include your educational degrees and transcripts. Not only for Scholarship, even if you have to plan your study on self-finance, you also need to notarize your educational documents as well. As the admission in China is open for worldwide students on different Chinese Government Scholarship, so every student has to notarize the academic documents.

If you are applying for the CGS (Chinese Government Scholarship) 2021 you must need to notarize your documents for all Chinese Universities. If the Chinese University, where you are applying required to submit your application documents in hard form, you have to first notarize the documents, and then send them to the university. But, if you need only to submit online, then original documents are accepted. We suggest you, please make 5-10 black copies of each educational document, and make them notarized, before starting the application process for study in China.

Note: If your academic documents are not in the English Language, you just need to provide translated documents in English or Chinese language.

Which Documents Do You Have To Notarize?

You don’t need to notarize the original degrees and transcripts, you have to get black copies of your documents and get notarized. The list of documents you need to notarise are:

  1.  Academic Transcript.
  2.  Graduation Certificate.
  3.  Translated documents.

Is It Free To Notarize Documents?

No the notarization of the academic documents is not free. Each notary public office charges a low fee for their notarization services. Please visit your nearer Notary Public office for Charges Confirmation. Likewise, If the students are from Pakistan, The charges are about 20-30 Rupees Per Notarizate Documents by Notary Public Office (lawyer)

Where Can You Notarize Documents?

Usually, international students will need to get notarized his/her documents in the same country that he/she graduated from. For example, if a student is graduated from an Indian/Pakistani University, it’s better to get the notarization done from the Indian Notary Public office or in another case Pakistani Notary Public Office. It is very difficult to get notarize your academic documents in other countries, where you did not graduate.

For the Notarization of documents, students have to find the Notary Public Office in their city Area that is mostly located in Courts or Law Firm area., The other way to notarize, you can ask any lawyer about Notary Public Office for documents Attestation and Notarization. Besides this, you can also search online for a Nearest “Notary Public Office” with your city name on government websites.

Example: If you are from Indian, you have to visit the court area and find the Notary Public Office there and ask them to Notarized Your Documents, they will charge about 20-30 R.S Per Document, Other countries have their own charges. Please visit the official office for more information.

Furthermore, the student is graduated from any country in Europe, can directly contact the University that he/she graduated from this university, and ask them to help you to notarize it. Most universities can provide notarization for you, especially in the UK.

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